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I'm on Netflix's "Sweet Magnolias" ...and other stories.

Time for career updates because I need to be a more assertive blog updater... and stuff.

Well, uh, here ya go. ;)

Last October, I was booked on a brand-new Netflix show called Sweet Magnolias.

As someone who would *love* to be a television series regular someday, getting to work on TV is always a treat. :)

The cast and crew were lovely. I enjoyed meeting and working with showrunner Sheryl Anderson -- she shared with me that her son is currently a student in the Theatre Program at Azusa Pacific University, my undergraduate Alma Mater. What a cool connection!

This month, I'm also teaching a class on Uta Hagen's Six Steps for Sketchworks Comedy.

It's been a super fun class so far -- I love being able to apply technique acting to comedy. Be sure to stay tuned for future classes.

Otherwise? I'm still working on my Master's Degree part time at Brenau University. My current summer class is called "Media Globalization" which I am thoroughly enjoying. Gosh, I love studying. I'm a nerd. Sorry not sorry.

Right now, I'm looking forward to when auditions start getting ramped up again. It's been a tough season for many actors and crew. I'm super blessed as I've had other sources of income. Regardless, I'm ready to get going again. Like everyone, I'm interested to see what new safety standards are rolled out for union sets. We'll see what happens. <3

Thanks for reading! :)

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