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My 2020 "Thus Far" Update

In an effort to keep up this blog, I am writing a blog post.

^ What a succinct and obvious way to describe blogging. Am I right?

But... no really. I actually put "update personal website blog" on my calendar once a month and I ignore it most of the time -- so I would call *this* a win!

2020 has been VERY busy. In addition to working on my Master's Degree part time, I've been auditioning a bunch (thank youuuu reps), teaching acting and sketch comedy classes, and shooting video for clientele.

- My company, Versify Media, is a pretty nimble operation - currently, I accept digital video shoots intended for social media distribution and motion graphics projects. I also take some smaller video editing gigs and an occasional photography shoot. I've been enjoying consistent work from some regular (and new) clients this year.

Below are a couple pics from two different shoots -- although, both videos have not been released, so I can't give the deets yet. ;)

I've been friends with Natalie Moore and Lily D. Moore (pictured below) for several years. Yep - they are clients, too, but I think being friends is more important. :) Lily D. Moore is an actress. I originally met Lily when I began working with her as an acting coach. Nowadays, I edit quite a bit of her YouTube content, which she shoots with her camera.

However, this particular shoot was special for a few different reasons... I can't wait to share!

Another client of mine (Versify's) is a great nonprofit that establishes after school music programs for kids. Shoutout to my amazing production assistant Liz Bachmann - she was a total rockstar working on these videos.

Here is a screenshot from one:

Again - can't wait to share more!

- I've been teaching my regular session classes this year at The Actor's Scene in greater Atlanta.

It was a tough decision, but after this session, I won't be teaching year-long classes at TAS. However, I will still be around. I'm planning on offering some workshops or seminars throughout next year - so stay tuned.

Regardless, I'm enjoying my classes this year. I am specifically working on getting my students ready for strong final performances in early May:

- This past week, I completed teaching the Level One Sketch Comedy Acting class for Sketchworks Comedy. The class culminated in a showcase complete with tech cues, costume pieces, and original sketches.

I'm so proud of all the hard work the students put in during this workshop.

Sketch Comedy Acting Level Two is now registering - if you've taken comedy classes in the past OR have completed Sketchworks Level One Acting Program, I'd love to have you in the class. Learn More Here.

Finally, I've been making an effort to update my YouTube channel on a regular basis. Most of my content has been focusing on "so bad they're good" movies, TV shows, and other media, but I also post an occasional comedy sketch.

This recent video discusses one of my favorite niche filmmakers within the genre described:

Ok... phew. Blog updated. That was only a little bit painful. Just kidding. ;)

Stay tuned for more updates!

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